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Uganda: Achon's Big Heart Goes Beyond Sport
The Observer, March 2, 2014
Achon rises from LRA captivity to become Otuke’s son of hope
Daily Monitor (Ugandan Newspaper), February 27, 2014
Julius Achon Hosts Training Camp for Young Ugandan Athletes
New Vision (Ugandan Daily Newspaper), December 18, 2013
Jim Fee, Charitable Ally of Ugandan Olympian, Dies After Bike Accident
Runner's World Newswire, October 11, 2013
Uganda's President Museveni hails Julius Achon for supplementing government health care efforts
New Vision (Ugandan Daily Newspaper), August 30, 2012
Team Athena's Run Uganda Relay on September 15th to benefit AUCF
Oregon Live, August 11, 2012
Running for a Cause: Interview with Love Mercy's Eloise Wellings as London Olympics Approach
Australia's Leader News, July 5, 2012
Eloise Wellings, Founder of Love Mercy, Off to London Olympics
Australia's Leader, June 15, 2012
Phoenix Focus article, sports issue: "Julius Achon, Running for Hope"
Phoenix Focus, June 2012
Capital Gazette highlights the Run Awake 5k Walk/Run to benefit AUCF
Capital Gazette, June 1, 2012
MSN 9 News Australia interviews Julius Achon and Love Mercy's Eloise Wellings about the Kony 2012 video release
MSN 9 News Austrailia, March 9, 2012
KGW 8 Portland interviews Julius Achon following the release of the Kony 2012 campaign video
KGW 8 NBC, March 7, 2012
KPTV Fox 12 Oregon's Interview with Julius Achon following release of Kony 2012 campaign video
KPTV Fox 12, March 8, 2012
Gallery of photos from Runner's World article on Julius Achon
Runner's World, December 8, 2011
Julius Achon named Runner's World 2011 Hero of Running
Runner's World, December 6, 2011
Julius Achon returns from Uganda where he monitored progress on new health clinic
Track Focus, May 26, 2011
Julius Achon’s humanitarian work is making a difference; construction of new clinic starts soon
Track Focus, March 25, 2011
Oregon Live Interview with Julius Achon Part 3
Oregon Live, March 23 - 25, 2011
Oregon Live Interview with Julius Achon Part 2
Oregon Live, March 23 - 25, 2011
Oregon Live Interview with Julius Achon Pt 1
Oregon Live, March 23 - 25, 2011
From Uganda: Destination North Country
Atascadero News, February 14, 2011
Correspondence from Uganda: Julius Achon raising spirits, bringing hope to his home country
Track Focus, December 11, 2010
Julius Achon leaving for two-month trip to Uganda, intent on starting medical clinic
Track Focus, November 12, 2010
Moved by Uganda, Eloise Wellings starts her own foundation to support the work of Julius Achon
Track Focus, September 22, 2010
Julius Achon's Efforts to Make Things Right in Uganda Builds Momentum, One Child at a Time
Track Focus, September 18, 2010
Julius Achon: Child Soldier Turned Olympian
103.2 Hope Radio Interview, May 24, 2010
Wellings Runs in Perspective
The Age, April 18, 2010
Aid Gives Alternative to African Orphanages
New York Times, December 5, 2009
Running Man: The New York City Marathon Champion on Running, Religionand What it Means to be an American
Wall Street Journal, November 23, 2009
Healthcare a Major Challenge for Uganda, April 1, 2009
Julius Achon : A Portland Runner's Olympian Survival Story
Willamette Week, August 6, 2008